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Prepaid Phone Cards

Gold Line's prepaid phone card product line consists of 11 different cards. The term prepaid means that long distance minutes are purchased ahead of time, and used afterwards. You purchase your long distance phone card with a set number of minutes, and then use those minutes as you please after your purchase.

Gold Line's prepaid phone cards are sold in various dollar amounts - $5, $10, $20, and so on. Each prepaid phone card is equipped with a particular number of long distance minutes according to the card's dollar denomination.

Each prepaid phone card in the product line has its own unique advantages and features. Gold Line has designed and implemented numerous cards in order to cater to the diverse communication needs of consumers. Certain cards focus on long distance calling to particular countries (offering the cheapest rates to those specific locations), other cards focus on the volume of calls made, and so on. You have the liberty of choosing the card which best suits your needs.

Our prepaid phone cards have a very competitive flat-rate-per-minute structure (which will vary according to the place you’re calling), convenience, and reliable service.

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